Falcon Lake: a picture of the fragility of boyhood turning into adolescence. A 13 year old boy in the hands of a 16 year old girl. A sensitive approach reminding us sexual and psychological violence does not discriminate.

cover of Falcon Lake, the movie

As the clock turns, and times come and go, this week's fesip is turning into something else…

I'm not one for the genre of alternative movies. Most often I find them spooky, weird, of vulgar vocabulary descriptors indulging narratives, capturing into motion pictures alleged artistic exuberance.

I decided to watch Falcon lake solely because of its title, not having read a review or knowing what the movie was about. What's in a name… “Falcon” and “lake” inspired me, intrigued me, just from the name, and what's in a name but the filling of a yearning void? I had to see this movie.

a symbolic narrative of child sexual abuse

I love falcons. Their scream to me is a comforting solace.

Heard from miles away, the voracious blackbird will be intimidated by a falcon's screech, frightened by the sound alerting presence of its elegant force predator, of an imminent mighty capturing dive. Valuing their own life more than their destructive pickiness at nature, blackbirds disappear when a falcon is nearby.

Blackbirds in a vineyard just feast at destroying bunches. With their beak they crack open the skin, for fun. It leaves the whole bunch quickly devastated by a weird combination of insetting rot, and predatory wasps trying to salvage by keeping the wound clear of scavenging drosophilas. In so doing, wasps try to keep the blackbird's havoc-ed never healing wound clean.

Being a wingman myself, I'm touched by the sound of sizzling air. It too is a sound of alarm to the blackbird, of arching freedom in a wing's aerodynamic shapes. A symbol of cutting through the idleness of blackbird's mission of waste and vanity.

The way it captures energy, ascending currents, to stay airborne, and hopefully seeing everything.

(a little help: blackbirds=underworld of abusers; grapes=victims; falcons=you get the picture, let your imagination run free)

A 13 year old boy in the hands of a 16 year old girl.

I ignorantly stepped into a picturing of boyhood turning into adolescence's fragility.

A 13 year old boy in the hands of a 16 year old girl.

Not that age, or the group of peers, matters in its context. The only worthy matter is the yearning. The unnoticed encounter with a seed of something which by definition is in freedom from age or peer related pigeonholing.

For in the eyes of yearning, age is too distantly abstract from reality, and group of peers is shown to be a totally inadequate flatulence of perception.

I did not know I would greet the fragile discovery of male adolescence, triggered by unbelonging hurt of girlhood's yearning to mature into womanhood. Or is it the other way around? The fragile confrontation of perpetually triggered border's, tripping into adulthood, and which is called advancement, or plasticly put, growing up.

trailer of falcon lake, the movie


The movie shows the narrative of equality is a broken record. We are not equal, but distinct in our being and experience. And it is in the grace of our inequalities defining being, that unity perpetuates the repetition of nascent and characteristically defined duality.

Is it a must watch? If only because of the falcon in its title. Is it exemplary? I am certain there are better examples.

But it is the raw and unpolishedness of it, that somehow turns our societies permanent exclusive bashing of hardship attribution to girls, into the fragility of boys to become conceivable.

Y the reduction of X

Is there any scientifically more pertinent proof by our chromosomes? Y being the evolutionary reduction of X? I'm poking for due conscience. I like to poke vested interests with “science”.

The chicken and the egg story: which was first? Is X an evolution of Y, or Y an evolution of X?

Wouldn't evolution and nature foresee for the stronger to bear perpetuity of a species? Or Is nature that flawed? In case of the latter, nature wouldn't exist, would it?

Who is perceived to rule the world? I'll not pretend here to personally know the all conclusive answers. I bloody don't even close.

Scientists claim Y is the leftover of X. Between the two, Y is the most gene deficient chromosome. And depending on the Y deficiency, a foetus turns into a boy instead of a girl.

Gene deficiency has an influence on health. When the X expresses itself in combatting disease, it can call upon multiple copies for the full scope of genes. When Y expresses itself, a much reduced amount of genes is available to deal with disease.

When we consider the age related copy-paste cell division, it leaves Y with less resilience compared to X.

By nature, men's health is thus disadvantaged??

but I love the quote thing

Here ya go:

Anthony Hope wrote in the house opposite from 1893:

“Boys will be boys. And even that wouldn't matter if only we could prevent girls from being girls.”

Once past the first hurting stage of modern era defined sexism, wouldn't you agree this highlights a fundamental issue concerning, even argument against equality? Boys will be boys, and girls will be girls, sort of.

CUTE BOYS make you blush. HOT BOYS make you drool. COOL BOYS make you daydream. But trust me, FUNNY BOYS will make you fall in love without even realizing it. The quote is online claimed to be anonymous, I just think it's a fun one.

How far have we transgressed from Falcon Lake?

the two approaches, duality again

We seem unable to do the right thing. Either we're too liberal, teaching our kids younger then this 13 year old boy, about sex; or we're too conservative, with the subject indiscussable.

It brings me to the key, the nemesis: The age of consent versus the reality we will experiment long before we are capable of consent. A thin line, or rather, a blur so vast any line is indefensible.

The movie clearly shows both boy and girl are incapable of consent both in the true meaning of the word and in our intention of the word. And where do we draw the line which by its very nature can only be a wrong interpretation for everyone except our personal self?

The person who lived child sexual abuse may hopefully one day know for him/herself, individually, where his/her line is. And for everyone else, not having lived it, we're in the dissonant realm of alleged personal interpretations.

TO me, that's why the taboo, the omerta, the shame need to make way for in the first place listening, acknowledging, believing,… Isn't that what our modern time does not allow for?

It is easier to carry the weight of someone else's experiences then to experience. In executing that fragile equilibrium resides the kindness of human's due nature. Yet, somehow when it comes to child sexual abuse, we fail and run away.

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