which corrupted officials will the Swiss vote for on Sunday?

My eyes are now almost back on track, time to catch up. Especially given the Swiss federal elections and the ongoing corruption which the Swiss people, under the “universal right to truth”, may wish to come to realise before casting their votes.

My left eye is now back in order, my right eye is still catching up a bit, but my sight is, for now, enough to pick up where I was forced to halt.

Time for a little round-up on the ongoing Wednesday's Swiss court order violations by Swiss authorities, as introduction to the wider picture, and the upcoming Swiss elections.

On October 4th Crystel Graf's (the minister responsible for child protection and electronic communication) autoreply confirmed once again good reception of the correspondence denouncing the court order and human rights violations committed by her department. She has, as usual, still not taken responsibility. This has been ongoing for at least 30 weeks.

On October 11th, the ongoing court order violation. Children were not presented to the child protection services. Mr. Schallenberger who is responsible for making sure children are presented at 14:00 in the child protection care not even being at the office.

On October 18th Mr. Schallenberger was according to the secretary of the child protection services on holiday. No information had been provided beforehand. Accounting for week 30 of Swiss court order violations by the Swiss child protection services.

Arabelle Scyboz, still listed as the president of the Magistrate's Council which is the judiciary supervising authority, is still violating international and Swiss law on electronic communication and allowing the corruption by the judiciary she is responsible of. She is still banning electronic communication denouncing the heinous human rights crimes committed under her ultimate responsibility, and still denying access to justice.

All of this is possible under the watchful eye of the parliamentary judiciary commission. Their secretary is in copy of the various denunciations. Its president, Céline Dupraz, responded once, on May 8th, confirming:

sa mission de haute surveillance

Its mission of high surveillance of the judiciary, and …

respecter la séparation des pouvoirs

It prefers to respect the separation of powers then investigate the ongoing heinous human rights violations committed by the judiciary it is supposed to be the high surveillance authority of.

Basically the Parliamentary Commission who is supposed to scrutinise the methods and proper working of the judiciary in the interest of the public, says the judiciary can continue to be corrupted and commit human rights crimes.

The president of the parliament, currently Martine Docourt Ducommun, identically fully informed, has never responded or acted.

Nor has the minister of justice and currently acting prime minister, Alain Ribaud, ever responded or acted.

That in Switzerland the fish rots from the head is well documented throughout the +130 posts on the blog. Above is only a succinct overview.

The public who is voting these politicians into power has a universal right to truth about their state officials involvement in some of the worst human rights crimes, and actively helping for those crimes to be covered up. It is more then just monkeys “don't hear, don't see, don't speak” commission by omission to act.

Swiss authorities are monkeys deliberately: don't hear, don't see, don't speak

Would you vote for a politician when you know of unalienable evidence of ongoing human right crimes, particularly against children, co-perpetrated and covered-up by those in power?

the veil of democracy and the rule of law used to validate corrupt votes

Under a veil of imposed silence it is the Swiss authorities who ensure the denial of the universal right to truth. The public and the press are terrorised and do not dare to speak up for fear of their authorities retaliating. Reminiscent of the German “wir haben es nicht gewusst” syndrome under the rule of the second world war Gestapo.

Being witness and having evidence to that, I open an additional chapter in my whistleblowing on Swiss authorities corruption. Why would I keep being scared to fully speak up, remain quiet, in the face of the Swiss wishing me dead and do everything to it anyway. Including attempts on my life.

It so happens that due to my privileged position I can document how the fraud in recent votes in Switzerland was organised. With the evidence I have, I can not attest the end result would have been different, but I can attest to systematic electoral fraud.

I can also attest to the prosecutor, Raphael Arn, having to investigate the electoral fraud while being under influence and manipulated. He has to function in his little village of Moutier, which claims the through electoral fraud obtained status of metropolitan city of the Jura. At some 7000 inhabitants, it surely is a joke. Those who follow the blog will recognise Raphael Arn's name from the child sexual abuse cases, and the documented transcantonal influence and threats by authorities he is under, to let child sexual abusers continue their perpetration against children.

I have it on recording, no wonder he did not want the recordings when I presented him the recordings. No wonder he has never acted on the by him received registered mail indicating his office's violations of various human rights.

You see in Switzerland, in light of any kind of wrongdoing, an independent outsider is not used to investigate. A local, subject to local pressures of interest, is used.

Corruption is second nature to the Swiss. Any government official in power has to take an active role in it. The Swiss even have a fancy name for their deliberately organised wrongdoing. They call it “interdisciplinary collegiality”.

Switzerland acclaims its status of superior democracy by ensuring its controllers are locked in this “interdisciplinary collegiality”. Being it the controllers of the parliament, of the judiciary, of the police, of the medical profession, ... all are subject to the same fancy worded mafia get along and shut up praxis.

Bring on the SLAPP's

Due to my eye problems, I've had the luxury of talking on the phone to a few Swiss whistleblowers over the last weeks. People who had the courage to denounce Swiss wrongdoing.

Not one of them knows any whistleblower who has not been persecuted by Swiss authorities. They all suffer SLAPP's – Strategic lawsuits against public participation - and human rights violations in Swiss authorities mostly successful attempts to silence whistleblowers, and allow for corruption to prevail.

The Swiss public believes firmly in their superiority. How can they otherwise when the press, the fourth power, can not speak up under threat of legal action and undue influence of prosecutors into what may and may not get published. The various Swiss journalists I talked to, evidence at hand, are all afraid of one thing: being SLAPP-ed.

As an example, in Switzerland, a criminal complaint alleging calumny takes precedence over any other criminal activity being performed. First the calumny is examined, only if the judiciary decides there is no calumny after years of proceedings, then the criminal activity may be possibly looked into. By then the combination of statute of limitations and destruction of evidence all account for a return to … calumny. Because if they can not condemn the wrongdoing due to the destruction of evidence and/or statute of limitations, well it must be calumny after all.

And for calumny proving, all tools are used. False witness statements, wrong translations, falsified documents, abuse of power, bribery, …

Another Swiss national sport is violating its international obligations under the United Nations Convention Against Corruption and the OECD Anti Bribery Conventions.

Swiss are so infiltrated in those organisations that whenever the international controlling organisms show a pointing finger at Switzerland, as per the OECD example, a simple alleged verbal report suffices to silence the reporting on Switzerland's wrongdoing.

Let me put that in layman's terms: Go to dinner, have a meal, and a pinch of intimidation and threats, and all is wrapped in silence.

In Switzerland, democracy and the rule of law are mirages. The ego of the perpetrators is more important then what they themselves call the “superior interest of the state in the manifestation of the truth”, or combatting corruption.

To the Swiss, the only truth that matters, is making sure no one dares to speak up against corruption, or be warned of the far reaching retaliation, transnational repression, persecution, including attempts on life.

The amount of illegally, without trial, detained people in Swiss prisons on the basis of daring to speak up against corruption is astonishing. Those who spoke up against wrongdoing and before being locked up arbitrarily decide to flee the country face life-long transnational repression and persecution.

Any access to foreign authority positions is abused by the Swiss, for example like I documented in the illegal SIS-II database usage. Which appears to be a systematic abuse in Swiss whistleblower cases.

The renaissance of the methods of the likes of the Nazi, the Khmer Rouge, the Junta, … is happening in Switzerland. The only difference is these human rights violating regimes came to power on the basis of a series of political and economic crises, whilst in Switzerland it happens with the hidden stolen wealth accumulated by these criminal regimes as collateral.

so who are the Swiss voting for coming Sunday?

In absence of the press, the fourth power, legal ability to report Swiss authorities wrongdoing to the public, and in presence of interdisciplinary collegiality disease throughout the controlling of Swiss authorities, I'll let you decide on how you think the Swiss elections will turn out.

I forecast it will be a team of same-old-same-old with a sprinkle of newly controlled interdisciplinary collegial individuals. Some shuffling of positions, and on the country goes for another 4 years of political and judicial corruption galore.

I already extend the invitation to all the world's pedophiles and child kidnappers: flock to Switzerland. The federal minister participates in the denial of child sexual abuse disease in the country, and Swiss kidnapping authorities have their international child kidnapping dictator uninvestigated for over 3 years now. Really, if you are an international child kidnapper or a child sexual abuser, the Swiss will treat you with welcoming reverence, and make sure your wrongdoing never gets actioned against, for if it should even only be mentioned, you have the superior calumny and other human rights violating weapons of mass silencing at your fullest disposal. Including the omerta'd parliament.

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